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Washing my face has always been a nuisance but it obviously needs to happen! I knew there had to be an easy, effective and beneficial method for me to do this so I came up with this Facial Cleansing Pads Recipe! I’m a BIG fan of making my own products for several reason but the main 2 are knowing exactly what’s in the products I use and lets face it, it’s so rewarding to make things for yourself!

I had an infused Botanical Hemp Oil that I have been using as a Face & Body Oil since May so instead of using just Oil, I added that Magical Botanical Oil to this recipe. You can use any oil you like! I recommend Hemp, Jojoba, Apricot, Sunflower, Coconut or Olive. Keep reading to learn out the Botanical Hemp Oil I made & the benefits of each Botanical I used!

But first, lets get to this easy peasy recipe.

Facial Cleansing Pads

What you need:

1 1/2 cups alcohol free Witch Hazel

4 Tablespoon of Hemp, Jojoba, Apricot, Sunflower, Coconut OR Olive

10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

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10 drops Frankincense Essential Oil

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30 Cleansing Pads ~ I used these ~

Add Witch Hazel, Oil, Essential Oils & Shake Vigorously For 30 Seconds to 1 Minute

After Mixed, add Cotton Pads 5 at a time, close the jar, shake and repeat that process until the jar is full. This jar held 30 pads so I have a months worth! Yay! After all your cotton pads are in your jar, tightly close it and shake it for 1 minute. This ensures that all your Facial Cleansing Pads are saturated!


Now lets talk about this Magical Hemp Oil I made, dubbed “Let the Sun Beam Down Upon My Face”!

Organic Hemp Oil Infused With Red Buds + Sweet Iris Essence +Red Roses + Milkweed + Chamomile + Lavender

Essential Oil Blend: Lavender, Frankincense, Tangerine, Orange Peel, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli & Blue Tansy

Organic Hemp Oil:

Not only does Hemp Oil regulate oil production, it helps to treat acne and blemishes caused by inflammation. It’s anti-aging properties help reverse the signs of aging. Hemp oil also treats inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It’s loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals vital to your skins health.

Hemp Oil is proven to be Very Powerful on an emotional and spiritual level instilling and cultivating feelings of Love, Peace, Self Awareness & Grounding.

Red Buds:

Provide a notable amount of Vitamin C.

Sweet Iris Essence:

Research has revealed that the active plant cells in Sweet Iris leaves have the unique ability to encourage a tighter, firmer, more youthful look. At the same time, Sweet Iris has a moisturizing capability too, softening and plumping skin.

Benefits of Sweet Iris Essence:

The oil is beneficial in treating a variety of ailments, skincare, and cosmetology including:

  • Antibacterial properties– The oil destroys bacteria and inhibits its growth. Therefore, it cures and protects the skin and scalp from, eczema, acne & psoriasis.
  • Antidepressant- The fragrance is sweet, floral and earth. It is efficient in soothing nerves and enables mental relaxation.
  • Anti-inflammatory- The oil is effective in reducing signs of inflammation such as tenderness, swelling, redness, sunburns, and pain.
  • Astringent properties- It is efficient in pore reduction, curing minor injuries and relieving skin inflammations. It works by contracting the skin.
  • Natural emollient- The oil contains skin softening properties. It heals dry, chapped skin and keeps the skin soft and moisturized.

Red Roses:

Being a rich source of vitamin C, rose petals work as an excellent sun-protectant. Roses have cooling properties that can soothe your skin and protect the outer layer of your skin from sun damage.


Scientists with the United States Department of Agriculture have recently shown that the oil of the Milkweed plant may help protect the skin against UV rays. Native to much of North America, researchers now believe that Milkweed may also find use in the cosmetics industry. Look out for more research and the possibility of this ingredient in skin care products to come!

What is useful about the milkweed plant is the oil found in the plant, which may protect against UV rays as well as deliver good moisturizing ability. Milkweed has protection against both UVA and UVB rays.


Chamomile boasts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help soothe the skin, reducing redness and blemishes. It can even relieve skin irritations like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. The antioxidants in Chamomile also help boost skin health to bring out an inner glow and even fade dark spots and under-eye circles.

Chamomile was used by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to treat wounds and promote healing. The polyphenols and phytochemicals in Chamomile are known to speed up cell regeneration, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars. As if these weren’t enough reasons to get on board with chamomile in your skincare, the polyphenols also fight against harmful free radicals, protecting our skin from environmental damage and slowing signs of aging.


Lavender is a “use all-heal, all-plant”. If there is one herb I couldn’t live without, Lavender would be it. Here’s why: Lavender is beneficial for acne prone skin, has anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce redness, teeming with antioxidants, can help protect your skin from damaging free radicals, which contribute to fine lines and wrinkles.

I am SO loving these Facial Cleansing Pads! Give them a try & comment below your favorite products to make! I would love to hear what products you make!

Michelle, Owner Moonlite Mama

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