Moonlite Mama

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We are located within the Beautiful Ozark Mountains in Arkansas!  

My experiences with herbal healing remedies, essential oils, crystals, energy healing, gardening, and being an artist started over 20 years ago.

I’ve always been a “flower child” who loved exploring in nature or simply being outside but when I attended Massage Therapy School, that’s when and where my passion officially started. Though out the years, I have read every book under the sun, experimented with 100’s of herbs, making tinctures, balms, ointments, teas, salves ect. 

I also befriended like minded individuals and placed myself to work & learn with elders in herb markets, landscaping positions and previously owned an Artisan Soaps & Bath and Body Products business. 

I attended classes after Massage Therapy in Reiki, Natural Skin Care, Herbology, Yoga, Natural Soap Making, Essential Oils & Alternative Medicines. 

I was SO enthralled with learning as much as I possibly could about EVERYTHING.

My passion is for people to enjoy the great outdoors and my creations preserve the beauty Mother Nature provides. Resin is my medium of choice, incorporating crystals, botanicals, mica powders, alcohol inks and various wood.

All ingredients used in Moonlite Mama’s products are forged locally or from our Organic Gardens! How neat is that?!

I take pride in my business’s well-established track record. The products are always met with great customer satisfaction. 

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