I'm Michelle, the Sole Owner & Artist of Moonlite Mama!

My experiences with herbal healing remedies, essential oils, crystals, energy healing, gardening, and being an artist started over 20 years ago.

I’ve always been a “flower child" who loved exploring in nature or simply being outside but when I attended Massage Therapy School, that's when and where my passion officially started. Though out the years, I have read every book under the sun, experimented with 100’s of herbs, making tinctures, balms, ointments, teas, salves ect. 

I also befriended like minded individuals and placed myself to work & learn with elders in herb markets, landscaping positions and previously owned an Artisan Soaps & Bath and Body Products business. 

I attended classes after Massage Therapy in Reiki, Natural Skin Care, Herbology, Yoga, Natural Soap Making, Essential Oils & Alternative Medicines. 

I was SO enthralled with learning as much as I possibly could about EVERYTHING!

My passion is preserving the beauty that Mother Nature provides & using ecologically what she provides. 

All ingredients used in Moonlite Mama's products are forged locally or from my Organic Gardens.

I take pride in my business’s well-established track record. The products are always met with great customer satisfaction. 

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