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Power House Smudging Blend
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Power House Smudging Blend

Nature Inspired Smudging Blend

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White Sage + Rosemary + Cedar + Yarrow + Sunflower Petals

White Sage Properties: 

Named the best herb for protection and purification during smudging. White sage is known for its antibacterial properties as well as the traditional value, used by Native Americans for centuries for clearing negative energies of spaces, people or objects.

Rosemary Properties:

A culinary herb with an assertive fragrance, this woody perennial may also be used for smudging. It clears negativity, inspires confidence, and invigorates the mind and body.

Some people prefer to avoid herbs associated with Native American cultures out of concerns about cultural appropriation. Rosemary is an Old World herb with a long history of use in incenses, and so makes a guilt-free alternative for Western practitioners.

Cedar Properties: 

Cedar is an ancient tree, one of the oldest beings still thriving on the Earth. Cedar trees look much the same as they did when dinosaurs roamed the land. Back when other trees were trying out those newfangled “leaves,” Cedar said “I’m good” and stayed with the tried and true.

The smell of Cedar is woodsy and fresh. It recalls ancient forests, and invokes their protection and wisdom. Both the wood (in the form of chips or shavings) and the foliage make effective smudges.

Cedar smudges carry a medicine of protection. Cedar is often used to cleanse a home or apartment when first moving in, inviting unwanted spirits to leave and protecting a person, place or object from unwanted influences.

Along with Rosemary and White Sage, Cedar is one of the most aggressively cleansing smudges you can choose. 

Yarrow Properties: 

Yarrow is know for eliminating toxins from the body.

Sunflower Petals:

Sunflowers are a bringers of happiness, eases depression, have strong solar qualities and assists with protection.

How to Smudge:

Add 2TB into your Smudging Bowl, Light & Waft the Smoke onto yourself and your surroundings. 

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